Buckwheat diet


Traditional buckwheat diet is difficult to sustain, but you can lose up to 10 kg. excess weight, but buckwheat diet with dried fruits will solve this problem.

Talk about the buckwheat diet begins with the fact that buckwheat – a very healthy, healthy, you can even say a unique product. It is the buckwheat diet that Tibetan monks use during cleansing posts and meditation. We often underestimated, in Europe, buckwheat costs an order of magnitude more expensive than other cereals, buckwheat diet is recommended for diseases of the cardiovascular system.

In the East buckwheat diet is generally recognized as a necessity for a woman – it is good not only for losing weight, it is believed that buckwheat diet is better than all creams and masks that makes hair shiny, nails and teeth strong, and the skin is smooth and tender.


Another important fact in favor of the buckwheat diet – buckwheat is always natural, it is almost the only product that has not been genetically modified.

Buckwheat diet for weight loss – 5 options.

1. Classic buckwheat diet. That is, throughout the day you do not eat anything except for buckwheat, cooked on the water. Dietary rate – 1 glass of buckwheat, this amount should be eaten during the day in small portions. But it is not strict – if it’s not enough for you, do another same serving. This is the most rigorous option, but at the same time the most effective one. You can drink in any amount of green tea without sugar, pure non-carbonated water, a glass of juice is allowed for a mid-morning snack.

2. The second option is the combination of buckwheat diet with kefir (to 1 glass of buckwheat you can add half a liter of kefir). About how to properly combine these two products, we can read below in a special block “Buckwheat and kefir diets – can I connect?”

3. Macrobiotic diet on buckwheat beads. Most women work, and they are very problematic to follow the rules of many buckwheat diets. For them, and invented this diet on buckwheat balls. They can be prepared in the morning, carried around during the day and eat when there is a feeling of hunger. See the details below.

4. Another option that considers the most promising is the combination of buckwheat diet with dried fruits. These two products perfectly complement each other and allow you to extend your diet. In day you can eat the same 1-2 glasses of buckwheat and 150 gr. dried fruits.

5. Buckwheat diet with avocado – this tandem has recently been actively used in dietetics – thanks to the addition of avocado buckwheat diet has gained additional flavor, vitamins, trace elements and while not adding to the calorie content. This buckwheat diet looks like this – a buckwheat group of varieties to half ready, mix 3 tablespoons of buckwheat with half an avocado (cut the fruit, get the flesh out of the halves) and eat it at any time of the day as the main course, and only for dinner is mandatory. If very fresh, you can add directly to the apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, but only slightly, as they stimulate the appetite. You can drink water half an hour before eating and after the same time after.

Buckwheat diet – recipes, how to cook buckwheat


The recipe for cooking buckwheat for buckwheat diet for slimming is elementary – take a glass of buckwheat, pour it with boiling water, and let the night stand, that’s all the cooking. If this amount of food for the whole day is not enough for you, then do in the morning one more serving. An important requirement of the buckwheat diet is the consumption of the product in the absence of salt, sugar, oil, and buckwheat in its pure form. Undoubtedly, such a diet is effective and will soon bear fruit.

Unfortunately, the buckwheat diet has two pitfalls, which we want to draw your attention to. The first – it is, as they say, boring, so for the third day there is a well, well, she does not want at all. For some it’s a plus, someone who suffers from hunger is a burden. The second point is that the buckwheat diet sharply limits the presence in the food of salt and sugars, which are nevertheless necessary for proper metabolism. Therefore, with a rigid buckwheat diet, people complain of malaise, headaches, apathy, unwillingness to work. How to overcome this situation? Here are solutions for the buckwheat diet that dieticians offer …

We combine buckwheat diet and yogurt

Can the buckwheat diet be combined with kefir – this is a question for dieticians are asked very often. Maybe we’ll tell you how. The first, the most popular way is to combine two diets, buckwheat and kefir, that is, add a liter of low-fat kefir to the daily menu. So you will expand the diet of your diet. This method is more for those who can not tolerate hunger. However, for the purity of the experiment, if you really want to lose weight properly, do not interfere with food, somehow eat buckwheat and drink it with kefir. This is a classic example of inseparable irrational nutrition, which is of no use. If you really want a buckwheat diet to bring you results, separate the buckwheat and kefir from each other in intervals of an hour and a half. Other nuances can be seen in the material diet with buckwheat and kefir, who cares.

And one more tip – if the buckwheat in pure form the body is not taken at all, take on a good unsalted soy sauce – it will give the porridge some piquancy. Do not overdo it in order to avoid heartburn. You can use a buckwheat diet and lemon juice, a little apple cider vinegar, but they can stimulate the appetite, so be careful.

Macrobiotic Diet on Buckwheat Beads

This variant of the buckwheat diet is very suitable for busy people. So, in the morning on the water cook buckwheat, about 200-250 grams, let’s cool a bit and mnem to the state of minced meat. Next in the grater are three medium-sized carrots and finely-finely cut one Bulgarian pepper. We combine all the products, add a tablespoon of lemon juice, mix everything thoroughly and make a mixture of balls or cutlets with a diameter of 2 ruble coins. Then we cram them into a rigid box of food plastic and take it with us to work.

To use this buckwheat diet, you need – as you begin to feel hungry, take two or three balls, put them in your mouth, but do not chew, but wait until they are wet with saliva. Then buckwheat diet allows them to swallow, the feeling of hunger should disappear after 5-7 minutes, then you can drink a glass of water. The recommended duration of the diet is 3 days.

Buckwheat diet with dried fruits – great for losing weight!

Apathy, a sense of fatigue – a consequence of a lack of sugar in the body. Unfortunately, the buckwheat diet is often “famous” for just such a symptom. In this case, you will be helped by dried fruits, which can also be added to buckwheat, and consumed separately, they will give strength and appetite. Do not know what to choose – see the material, what dried fruits help to lose weight (announcement under the article). Buckwheat diet with dried fruits – dried apricots, prunes, raisins – I think the most balanced for the body and at the same time very effective, the weight goes well. Just do not try to replace the buckwheat diet with a diet with dried fruits, where buckwheat goes as an additional food – these are different things, with buckwheat diet 6-7 berries a dried apricot per day is enough, and it is necessary to chew it well, to the state of gruel, so the feeling of hunger goes faster.

Buckwheat diet for weight loss or fasting day

Dietitians advise – buckwheat diet, when you use it for weight loss, should not become a shock for the body, however, like any other diet. To begin with, try using buckwheat diets as a fasting day. Look at your feelings, whether or not you managed to lose weight. If everything is in order, then the buckwheat diet can be used by you for a longer period.

That’s all the advice on the buckwheat diet. For all its simplicity, I once again note that the diet on buckwheat is considered one of the best – after a few days the result is visible, and a full course (2 weeks) will surely force you to reconsider your wardrobe in the direction of smaller sizes.


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