Diet by blood type

woman with vegetables and hamburger
thoughtful young woman holding a hamburger with chicken and plate with vegetables, isolated against white background

After numerous telecasts devoted to blood groups, the blood group diet became more famous, practically catching up on the popularity of the Kremlin diet.

What attracts a diet for the blood group of such a number of followers? First of all, because the diet for the blood group does not limit the amount of food that you can eat, the diet for the blood group does not require the counting of calories, which is necessary in almost all other diets. In addition, a diet for the blood group generally tries to remove the term “diet” from itself and in many respects fairly claims itself as a healthy diet that a person can easily adhere to for a long time.

The popularity of the diet for the blood group.


It should be noted that the blood group factor has recently become popular in itself, it has been taken into account by astrologers, doctors, and even family counselors. Speaking directly about the blood group diet, it is based on a very simple principle – a person with a certain blood group should eat what people ate at the time this blood appeared. Thus, nature itself told the person that from food for him at this stage of development is most favorable, and now more and more clinical studies confirm this theory. It is noted, for example, that the diet of the blood group improves not only improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism, but also dramatically increases immunity; There is a description of several cases when this diet helped to eliminate allergy manifestations. In addition, a diet for the blood group should give a person more energy, make it more efficient and strong.

Blood groups and human nutrition.

Let’s look at the different blood groups on which the idea of ​​a blood group diet is based. There are four of them, and they appeared at different times, just when the way of life of a person and, consequently, his food changed radically. It is on this poundemante that the diet for the blood group works. Initially, all people had only the first blood group, and people mostly ate meat. Later, when people mastered agriculture, began to lead a more peaceful way of life, they gradually began to move away from meat, consuming a lot of plant food, and it was the farmers who had a second blood group. Diet, nutrition of the third blood group is associated with two important concepts – active migration of the population and domestication of domestic animals, it was the third blood group that began to consume milk. The fourth blood group is believed to mean the end of the migration period and the mixing of the second and third groups.

How to lose weight on a blood group diet.


Let’s briefly dwell on whether the diet for the blood group gives the opportunity to lose weight, because most diets are used for this purpose. The answer is positive, and, as we have already noted, with weight loss, weight loss is not due to dietary restriction, strict prohibiting diets, heavy physical exertion or pressure on the nervous system (hypnosis, stress), and the most correct Point of view of human life through, that is, the normalization of nutrition, improving health, enhancing the metabolism, good work of the purifying and excretory systems of the body. When you use a diet group of blood, the body itself, without reminders and efforts from outside, gets rid of unnecessary slag, excess fat. So, at least, the concept of a diet by blood sounds. Of course, it takes time for diet to restructure the body’s blood, so lose weight quickly, for 2 weeks or a month, as many women want, it is unlikely to work. This diet is more suitable for those who want to lose weight not for the holiday or the beach season, but really notes the problems with their health and figure, lose weight, let not quickly, but qualitatively and forever.

There are also other points that are important for understanding the diet for weight loss by blood group. Hardly it is necessary to be worn with a diet on blood, as a hen with an egg, because it is a system, but not an axiom. For millennia, humanity has come a long way, the products that we eat have changed. Therefore, we recommend to consider the blood group diets as a guide, as a hint. If your body for some reason does not tolerate the recommended products or, conversely, feels good when using something from the list of unwanted ones, do not fundamentally break your usual table, because it is written in the recommendations of the diet. The main thing in a blood group diet, like any other, is to give you such food that would maximize your needs, and not be a forbidden fruit.

For more details on what a diet for the blood group you personally recommends, from what warns, you can find out by selecting a link indicating your blood group. In addition, we strongly recommend that you look at the reviews at the bottom of the page of women who know from their own experience how to lose weight on a diet for the blood group and what problems you can find on their way.


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