Diet of 6 petals

On a diet

Diet 6 petals – an original and fun technique for weight loss of 4-5 kg. A week, where the flower you painted will be a clear indicator of the success of your 6 petal diet.

Advantages of a diet of 6 petals before other diet for weight loss


The diet for slimming 6 petals has a number of benefits that allow you to lose weight quickly and efficiently. Here they are

  • The diet lasts 6 days, every day is different from the other, because of which the diet is not boring and losing weight is going well
  • On the first day of a diet of 6 petals the body is filled with proteins and useful omega-3 fatty acids, important for metabolism the second day of the diet of 6 petals, cellulose, which removes the feeling of hunger
  • On the third day of a diet of 6 petals there is a protein loading, thanks to which fat is burned when losing weight, and not muscle tissue
  • Bran of the fourth day of the diet 6 petals allow you to actively clean the intestines of slag and fat deposits
  • Lactic acids of the fifth day make up for the lack of calcium, which is very important for women’s health
  • The last sixth fruit day gives the body strength for further weight loss due to vitamins, minerals and trace elements

Draw 6 petals to lose weight twice as fast

A female nutritionist who developed a diet of 6 petals is sure – she is so effective, because it is very visual. She suggests painting or cutting out a flower with six petals and signing it with six days of diet, you can recipes or products of the day, and stick to a prominent place (judging by the reviews of women, most choose a refrigerator))). So he is always in front of you and you control yourself, at the same time and the surrounding do not stick, knowing that you are on a diet. When this day passes, you tear off or cross out the petals, record on it your results, reviews of these days 6 petal diet. It turns out and the game moment, and practical use.

The diet menu 6 petals


Let’s look at the diet menu items 6 petals – see how the process of growing thin on the 6 petal diet is being built.

First day diet 6 petals provides that in your menu will be boiled or baked fish, 300-500 gr. For a day. Salt should be used at a minimum, preferably completely eliminated, spices and greens to fish are allowed to add. The first day’s drink of the petal diet is green tea without sugar, mineral water without gas.

The second day in the menu of 6 petal diet should be exclusively vegetables. A choice at your discretion, but especially recommended cabbage broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, sweet peppers. You can make salads and fill them with a small amount of sunflower oil. There is a blender – make vegetable juices.

The third day in the diet 6 petals – chicken. In principle, you can use any part of the chicken, but better buy a pound of chicken breast, for a day you have enough. You can extinguish it, cook it, bake it, using seasonings and greens. Drinks – as on the first day.

On the fourth day of the 6 petal diet we will eat porridges cooked on the water. Desirable options – oatmeal, buckwheat, rice. Do not add oil. Also allowed are bran, germinated grains. Drink water, green tea, you can cook kvass.

The cottage cheese, on which the fifth day of the petal diet is built, should fill the shortage of calcium and other minerals. Fat content – up to 5%, recommended volume – 400-500gr. If desired, you can add natural yogurt (but without sugar!), Low-fat milk, kefir.

And, finally, a diet of 6 petals on the last day allows you to pamper yourself with fruits, up to a kilogram per day. First of all, it’s grapefruits, apples and kiwi, you can eat them separately, you can mix in a blender and make fresh.

Six days have passed, the petals are all torn off, the diet of the six petals is over. How do you feel? If everything is in order, take a short break, then draw a new flower and forward, to the heights of beauty and harmony.


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