Favorite diet


In just seven days, your favorite diet offers us to lose weight by eight and more kilograms – see the menu of your favorite diet for seven days and reviews of those who lost weight on their favorite diet.

Favorite diet for weight loss – a classic option

1 day favorite diet – fat burning soups
Day 2 – fruit
3 – yogurt
4 – protein day
5 – fat-burning soups plus juices
6 – vegetable
7 day of your favorite diet – salads, fish

How to properly prepare for your favorite diet

If you are not sure that you can sit on your favorite diet for a week, it is better to prepare for it. To do this, just try to spend every day of your favorite diet as a fasting day, 1-2 times a week, to understand how easy it is (or, conversely, difficult) for you to transfer it. It happens that one day does not like the body at all, and very often it causes the woman to give up a diet. To prevent this from happening, replace it with another one – here is an article about unloading days for weight loss, which will give you possible options for replacement.


How to make your favorite diet for weight loss even more effective – advice of a nutritionist

First day of your favorite diet
The first day of a favorite diet, like any other, is often the most difficult, – says dietician Irina Belskaya. – Uncertainty in success, hunger, slanting views strongly interfere and easily break. Therefore, you need to start a diet with something satisfying. I advise you to start the first day with delicious fat-burning soups, then your favorite diet will immediately appeal to you. (If you look at the reviews on your favorite diet at the bottom of the page, you will see that the soups praise everything – ed.) And start losing weight immediately, and no feeling of hunger. Soup recipes look in a special material. Soups for weight loss, which burn fat. You will immediately understand all their advantages.

The second day of the ljume diet for weight loss
The second day of your favorite diet is based on fruits – they are delicious, and weight loss is good for them. Therefore, the second day of your favorite diet, make it fruit-from the point of view of psychology, it is much easier to enter the diet on the fruits, they are sweet, they are good at driving down the appetite. In addition to grapefruit, you can recommend apples and kiwi – these products have different tastes and high nutritional status, and it will be easy for you on this diet. The daily norm of grapefruit is 3-4 pieces, green apples – 5-6.

The third day on your favorite diet for weight loss
The third day on your favorite diet is kefir. Ideally, this should be the time when you drink only kefir, about a liter and a half a day. It will cleanse your stomach and stimulate the cleansing of the intestines. If your favorite diet for kefir is hard for you, add a lunch (11 pm) and a snack a couple of apples or another fruit – about what products are combined with kefir, and which are conflicting, see the article kefir diet.

The fourth day on your favorite diet
The fourth stage of the beloved diet recommends protein – very right and very timely. Without protein, the body can not. The best option for beginners to lose weight is a chicken breast, cooked and eaten in three meals. On this day I recommend drinking milk (black or green tea, poplar diluted with warm milk) and herbs for weight loss. But personally, I would if I made a menu of my favorite diet for myself, in the morning I would drink green tea, eat a piece of fish in the daytime, and in the evening – kefir. If you want, compare.


Fifth day of your favorite diet
The fifth day in any diet – and a favorite diet is no exception – is quite complicated. Already accumulates some fatigue, weakness, the body feels a lack of vitamins and trace elements. Hence the conclusion – on the fifth day we need light food, easily digested, saturated with useful substances. Therefore, it will competently continue your favorite diet on soups, which was done first, on the first day, and add to them juice, for example, orange, grapefruit, 2-3 glasses.

Sixth day on your favorite diet
The sixth stage of an effective favorite diet is done on vegetables – the last day, well-being should be good. Vegetables (all kinds of cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet peppers) can eat any, preferably in raw or cooked form. If you make a salad, then without oil, you can add soy sauce. Necessarily on the sixth day of your favorite diet drink a lot of clean water and green tea, brewed quickly, seconds 30-40, without sugar.

The seventh, the final day on your favorite diet for losing weight
If your favorite diet is chosen because you want to lose weight forever, then the seventh day should not just take you out of your favorite diet, but prepare to switch to normal diet. Therefore, at the exit of your favorite diet, it is better to take as a basis the vegetables and fruits that you used in the diet, plus connect one or two dishes from the usual diet. For example, make vegetable and fruit salads for breakfast and dinner, and fish for lunch. At night drink kefir.


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