Japanese diet


The Japanese diet today is a model of food culture – see the reviews of people for whom the Japanese diet for weight loss has become the basis of a slim figure and good health.

The Japanese diet has gathered around itself so many conflicting opinions that it has become one of the most discussed methods on the Internet of weight loss. Let’s try to understand, without embellishment and advertising, what is the Japanese diet for weight loss, which is so actively discussed in forums devoted to diets and losing weight. Hence the task of the article is:

What is the Japanese diet than the Japanese diet is better than others, is it possible to lose weight on the Japanese diet and if so, how to apply it correctly and what kind of feedback the Japanese diet gives to those who practice it.

Japanese diet prolongs youth


Despite the fact that the Japanese diet interests us, first of all, for the purpose of losing weight, we want to dwell on another very important parameter – it is proved that the Japanese dietary method prolongs youth. This is especially important if you have already crossed the thirty-year boundary, when metabolic processes in the body begin to slow down, and you need to use all the forces to reverse aging. Here, the Japanese diet, unlike other methods of losing weight, looks like a clear leader, helping not only to lose excess weight, but also to normalize the body’s work, accelerate metabolism, cleanse of toxins, restore the functions of the internal organs of digestive, cardiovascular and excretory systems. But to get it all, you have to choose a real Japanese diet, not its imitation or fake.

What is a real Japanese diet

Just say about why around the Japanese diet on the expanses of the network is so much controversy. The thing is that the vast majority of articles called the Japanese diet, directly to the diet of the Japanese has nothing to do. It came up with unknown where and who is unknown, and the Japanese called for advertising – right, because the menu of residents of Japan is considered one of the healthiest and most useful in the world. Thus, there is a name, and under it it is not known what. Because of this, people who try the allegedly Japanese diet quickly become disappointed in it and start writing critical reviews on the Japanese diet, not knowing that they never practiced the real Japanese diet. So let’s correct this mistake and find out what a real Japanese diet is, on which everyone is losing weight.

So, the real Japanese diet consists of products that can effectively lose weight and do not cause a feeling of hunger. These are fish, vegetables, rice, fruits, legumes and, of course, green tea. The traditional food of the Japanese, of course, is more diverse, but now we are not talking about the menu at all, but about the Japanese diet directly for losing weight.

5 basic principles of the Japanese diet


  • Minimal heat treatment. Products that can not be processed in principle should be eaten raw.
  • Fresh food. The Japanese diet considers it impossible to eat anything, cooked yesterday or, even more so, two or more days ago. Therefore, if you want to get the maximum effect from the Japanese diet, do not cook food in advance.
  • Small portions. Eat a little, but more often than usual – says the Japanese diet. Thus, we do not overeat and at the same time do not feel hungry.
  • More contrast in food. The Japanese diet believes that one day diet should be very different from the other, in this case the body does not have time to “tune in to the product” and is forced to lose weight constantly, which is required from the Japanese diet.
  • A lot of fluid. Without a lot of fluid to establish active weight loss and metabolism is impossible neither in the Japanese diet, nor in any other. Therefore, the Japanese diet recommends consuming a fair amount of green tea (1 liter) and clean water (1 liter) daily.

Menu of the Japanese diet

Let’s look at the menu of the Japanese diet, which will allow us to effectively purify the body and lose weight without hunger. The menu of the Japanese diet is calculated for 7 (one course) or 13 (two repetitions of the course) days, where on the last day there is a way out of the diet.

1 day of the Japanese diet is traditionally fishy. On this day, you should eat boiled fish. Alternatively, fish can be replaced with seafood, the same shrimp. Approximate rate for the Japanese diet is 300 gr. fish per day, with which you can eat greens (parsley, spinach), tomatoes, olives. Nuances of eating fish and seafood can be found in the topic of fish diet.

Day 2 – vegetable. Vegetables in the Japanese diet are consumed exclusively in fresh form, as this preserves the antioxidants. You can use broccoli, carrots, turnips, cucumbers, celery, asparagus. If you make a salad, then use a minimum of soy sauce or vegetable oil for refueling, and, moreover, give up salt.

3 day – rice. It does not contain cholesterol and perfectly cleanses the body. Boil yourself in a saucepan rice (300 gr), divide it into 4-5 servings and eat during the day. More details about cooking rice can be found in the topic of rice diet, it is in the block of announcements immediately under the article.

4 day – fruit. First of all, pay attention to apples, oranges, grapefruit. Again, we recall that the Japanese diet recognizes only the raw food of this product – no fruit salads with yogurt, which our women love so much. The norm is 4-5 fruits a day.

Day 5 – beans. Legumes, especially soybeans – an indispensable part of the Japanese menu and the Japanese diet. Today in stores you can buy a wide variety of soy products – try it, you will surely like it. Beans are better to use dark than light. Combine the legumes with cucumbers, sweet pepper, broccoli, spinach, celery, asparagus.

Day 6 – soup. Soups in the diet of the Japanese occupy a place of honor, they are useful and nutritious. It is important – the speech in the Japanese diet is about soups, not broths. It is not possible to disclose the issue in one paragraph, therefore, what soups can be used for weight loss and how to prepare them, we told in a special material soups for weight loss.

7 day – those who go for 13 days of the Japanese diet, start again all over again, that is, repeat 1 day, others exit from the diet. To release day, the Japanese diet pays great attention – this is the moment of transition from the limited dietary menu to the usual diet. Sharp change of dishes can negatively affect the state of the stomach, so the transition should be as soft as possible. The Japanese diet advises to take on the last day small portions of various foods and eat them, separating 3-4 hours, for example, in the morning to eat fish, soup for lunch, snack on an apple for lunch, and in the evening – vegetable salad.


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