Kefir diet


To kefir diet worked effectively, you need to know the characteristics of kefir diet and correctly combine kefir with other foods.

Any nutritionist will tell you that kefir is a special product, quite capricious, and harmoniously combined with a fairly narrow set of other products, especially when it comes to losing weight on a kefir diet at home.

Kefir diet is not just famous for its diversity, but its profile – says the consultant of our magazine, nutritionist Irina Belskaya. Only then kefir diet will be maximized, it will give the desired result for weight loss, when it is built correctly. Under the right kefir diet for weight loss we understand such a menu to give useful properties of yogurt to manifest itself in the diet to the full extent, so that you lose weight, get rid of toxins, and improve your health.

How to make kefir for a diet yourself


To make yogurt alone – means, significantly increase the effectiveness of kefir diet. In the home product, there are many more lactic-acid bacteria that normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism. In addition, in modern conditions to prepare homemade kefir is not difficult – kefir fungus or yeast you can buy or order in a pharmacy. Depending on what you managed to find for fermentation (fungus or bacteria), the ratio of products varies slightly, but making homemade kefir will still be simple, everything is indicated on the label. But still there is a basis. So, for two liters of milk there is one bottle of leaven. To start with milk (any fat, but better to lose weight, take less fat) you need to boil and cool to a temperature just above room temperature (28-30 degrees). Dissolve the leaven in a small amount of milk, so that it completely disappears. After the milk, pour into the thermos, add the leaven and close tightly. Leave for a day. During this time, sometimes mix the contents of the thermos by shaking it. Ready homemade yogurt like you a soft and gentle consistency. Lose weight on a yogurt is a pleasure.

Kefir diet for weight loss – a monovariant

Kefir diet in a mono-vision is the most correct variant of applying a kefir diet at home both from the point of view of losing weight and from the point of view of health, the nutritionist continues to tell. As you understand, the word mono in this case means that the kefir diet uses only one product, that is, kefir directly.

Kefir diet for weight loss in this case lasts one or three days, during which you drink only kefir. Norms of consumption of the product at home do not exist, you can drink a day liter, you can two, the choice is yours. You can drink kefir at any time, but it is very important to use it when you have breakfast, lunch or dinner, so as not to knock down the body from a known meal schedule.

Studies show that the most comfortable for losing weight at home is a kefir diet, when kefir is drunk 6 times a day, sharing in the diet, the use of the product about 2.5-3 hours.

Kefir diet with kiwi slimming

Joint use of kefir and kiwi in a diet for weight loss will not only help you lose excess pounds, but also support your youth and beauty, and also regulate metabolism and cleanse the body. This externally unimaginative fruit contains so-called enzymes that break down fats and normalize the metabolism. Plus kiwi is low in calories, leaves a long feeling of satiety and contains a huge amount of vitamin C. The kefir component in this diet option will cleanse the body and debug the work of the gastrointestinal tract, so losing weight on such a diet will be comfortable and effective. To lose weight, you need to eat 3-4 pieces of kiwi a day (one fruit with an interval of 3 hours) and drink a liter of low-fat kefir. You can share the products by eating kiwi in the intervals between kefir meals, eating one fruit an hour before kefir, or alternatively, combine, making fat-burning cocktails at the rate of half a fruit per cup of yogurt. Duration of the diet is 4 days.

Kefir diet with avocado

A lot of the most positive reviews recently received a new, very fashionable direction among kefir diets – a kefir diet with avocado. Avocado contains a huge amount of useful substances that help maintain the desired tone and performance during a diet. The recipe is very simple – cut the vegetable, take out the stone, peel it, mix it half and blend with the yogurt in the blender. Depending on how much kefir is added, you will get either a cocktail or a soup-mash. Such cocktails per day you can drink three pieces, they are very nourishing, plus additionally allowed twice to drink pure kefir. The duration of this kefir diet is 3 days.

Kefir diet for weight loss with a banana


Banana contains a lot of natural sugars, so the kefir diet for weight loss with a banana is recommended for those people who are very hungry – sugar, this problem is minimized. However, a lot of them should not be used, because the caloric content of your diet increases at the same time. The permissible number of bananas is one for thirty kilograms of weight, that is, if your weight is up to 60 kg, you can eat two fruits a day, 60 to 90 – three. The volume of liquid per day is such – kefir liter-one and a half, mineral water – 1 liter. In this kefir diet, you should not combine kefir and banana, they should be separated by time in an hour and a half, for example, at 7 am you drink kefir, at 8:30 – half a banana, 10 – kefir, 11.30 – half a banana. Water should be drunk during the day in small portions, about 100 grams, but often. Duration of kefir diet with banana – 3 days.

Kefir diet with dried fruits

Dried fruits during the kefir diet allow you to cope with hunger well and actively support the body with useful vitamins and microelements. Perhaps this is one of the simplest and at the same time very effective variety of kefir diet. Here there is no clear difference, you will combine the reception of dried fruits with kefir or divide them, but remember that more than 10 berries prunes or, say, dried apricots per day can not be consumed. Approximately it turns out on one berry on a glass of kefir. Specialists advise first thoroughly to chew dried fruit, hold it in your mouth, to salivate – so we will inform the body about the intake of “large” amounts of sugar into the body and drive off the feeling of hunger – and then drink a chewed berries with one glass of kefir. Such snacks per day should be about 7-10, preferably at equal intervals of time. The duration of the course is three days, then the same break and repetition.

Kefir diet for weight loss with cucumber

Cucumber, as you know, contains a lot of structured water and fiber, gives a feeling of satiety, so it often becomes an additional component of the kefir diet. Plus such a kefir diet – a very small calorie, so it is great for losing weight. It is better to make a delicious fat-burning soup, similar to the fact that everyone eats at the dacha in the summer. It is elementary – gherkin rub in a grater and mix with yogurt, or whip these ingredients in a blender in the ratio of 1 cucumber to a cup of yogurt. Such soup in the diet for weight loss can be eaten 3 times a day, yogurt can drink additionally in unlimited quantities. Duration – 3 days, you can repeat in a week. There are other options for this method to lose weight – details about them in a special material, the announcement of which is under the article.

Green kefir diet for weight loss


If you want to not only lose weight, but also saturate your body with useful vitamins and microelements, you can use a variant of kefir diet, called the green diet for weight loss. Its essence – the combination of the use of yogurt with a variety of greens. Variants – dill, parsley, various leaf salads, young nettles, dandelion leaves. Nettle, so that it does not prick, you need to rinse with boiling water, and keep the leaves of dandelion for three hours in cold salted water so that the bitterness disappears. Then everything is as usual – we cut the greens finely, mix it with kefir, eat it like soup or drink it as a cocktail 5-6 times a day. You can repeat this kefir diet after seven days.

Kefir diet with cottage cheese

People who lead an active lifestyle with sufficient physical exertion often do not tolerate kefir diet because of the low protein content necessary for strong muscles. If this is your case, advises choosing a kefir-curd variant of a diet. These products are dairy and combine well with each other. Your me for a day – one and a half liters of kefir and three hundred grams of cottage cheese with low fat content. We draw your attention to the fact that, firstly, completely fat-free cottage cheese can not be taken, it will not give the desired effect, choose a fat content for the kefir diet of 3 percent, and secondly, it should be curd, and not a curd product, where there are many artificial additives . Divide the whole volume into approximately 6 portions, 50 grams of curd and a glass of kefir, mix it all and eat at intervals of 2-3 hours. This kefir diet is very nourishing and tasty, calculated, like most kefir diets, for 3 days.

Here are four more effective variants of kefir diet for weight loss – this is kefir-buckwheat diet, kefir-cucumber and kefir-apple.


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