Protein diet


Protein diet for weight loss is no accident is the basic method of many weight loss systems – a protein diet due to a lack of a menu of fats and carbohydrates leads to their active use of the body, so that the weight is discharged very actively in the absence of hunger.

What is a protein diet, what is its essence

Before embarking on a protein diet, you need to understand what a protein diet is for weight loss, what is its essence as a weight loss technique. The very name – protein – speaks for itself, here the basis of the ration is protein products, in particular, meat and fish. Vegetables and fruits are also used, but in much smaller quantities than is necessary for a balanced diet. Thus, protein diet in the body is the accumulation of proteins, but there is a lack of carbohydrates and fats, which are known to be the main sources of energy. Accordingly, lacking carbohydrates and fats, the body with a protein diet for weight loss has to use its own “reserves”, that is, just those fatty deposits, from which we need to get rid of.

To all who want to use a protein diet for weight loss, it is very important to understand that many products to which you are accustomed, in particular, flour products and confectionery, potato are categorically contraindicated even in minimal quantities. That is, or refuse them completely, or look for another diet.

Protein Diet – Important Rules


In order for the protein diet to bring maximum benefit and minimum harm to your body, you should very clearly observe the proposed diet. You can not replace some products with others, you can not swap breakfasts with lunch or dinner, it is forbidden to alter the scheme of use. Any deviation from the recommended regime slows the restructuring of metabolic processes, which leads to increased stress for the body and a decrease in the effectiveness of the protein diet. The only thing you can afford is to vary the volume of products a little. If you feel that you have not eaten, you can add food – but, attention, only protein, that is, the same fish, chicken or cottage cheese, but not fruit or vegetables.

There are several additional rules for the protein diet. Eat at about the same time and do not eat right before going to bed. Drink enough fluids, at least 1.5 liters per day of mineral water without gas or just boiled water, green tea, herbal infusions, naturally, without sugar.

Menu of the protein diet for seven days

In spite of the fact that the protein diet means, first of all, meat food, it is better to choose easily digestible options from meat for a diet – chicken breast and fish. In addition, it is actively used in the protein diet and low-fat cottage cheese, as well as dairy products and eggs.

We offer you a menu of protein diet for 7 days.

Menu 1 day of the protein diet

Breakfast – cottage cheese (100 g), green apple, green tea without sugar
Lunch – chicken breast (200 g), cabbage salad
Dinner – kefir (0.5 liters)

Menu 2 days of the protein diet

Breakfast – omelet from 2 eggs with tomatoes
Lunch – braised fish (200-300 gr), apple
Dinner – salad from tomatoes, cucumbers, greens on olive oil

Menu 3 days of the protein diet

Breakfast – yoghurt, green tea, apple
Lunch – chicken breast (200 g), one orange
Dinner – salad of crab sticks with cucumber

Menu 4 days of the protein diet

Breakfast – porridge on the water of oatmeal, apple
Lunch – fish cooked or steamed, one grapefruit
Dinner – boiled shrimp (200gr), green tea

Menu 5 days of the protein diet

Breakfast – yogurt, fruit salad (300 g)
Lunch – vegetable soup, apple
Dinner – cottage cheese (200 g), grapefruit

Menu 6 days of the protein diet

Breakfast – two boiled eggs, an orange
Lunch – 3 small cheese cakes, kefir (glass)
Dinner – grilled meat (200 g), radish salad or cabbage salad

Day 7 – repetition of the first day


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