Remove the belly in 2 weeks


Looking at the sea at the slender young girls, I decided to remove my stomach, regain my former harmony, and found a technique that allows me to remove my stomach in just two weeks.

The desire to clean my stomach and generally take care of myself came to me a few months ago, when I was in Greece, when I noticed that my husband was no-no and looked at the slender girls in a bikini that was sunbathing by the pool. Of course, at first I did not think about any stomach, it just made me angry, because a few years ago, none of them and nearby would not stand up with me, I was very beautiful then, long-haired natural blonde, perfectly composed. I wanted to throw a scandal, and then calmed down a bit and, having critically examined myself in the mirror, I had to admit that beauty was as it was, so I stayed, that’s just my stomach … Animal … It was possible, of course, to write off everything for the birth of a child, but many of my friends And after the birth calmly returned to the podium and advertised open swimsuits, and I relaxed, calmed down and fully enjoyed the full life, not noticing the subtle hints of her husband. Yes, the stomach had to be cleaned.


To remove the stomach is to purify itself of toxins

Back home, I began to methodically work out ways to get myself in shape and remove this huge belly, talking with those who solved this problem and knows how to clean the stomach. All of them said in one way or another that you want to clean your stomach – cleanse the intestines. It turns out that over time, a large number of various slags begin to accumulate in the intestine, which, when decomposed, begin to give off any abomination in the body. To protect against this rubbish, the body simply has to protect the stomach, liver, genitals with the help of a water-fat layer, which serves as a buffer, taking all these poisons on ourselves and enabling our bodies to work normally. Everything is elementary, Watson, that’s where the stomach comes from. To clean the stomach, you do not need any diets and hunger strikes. It is important, as I understood, to simply help the body to bring its purification system back to normal, and then he can cope with it.


How does the bowel cleansing. Enemas, my dear, enemas. Want to clean the belly, you need to leave aside ideas about all sorts of trouble and disgust for such a method. And the enema to clean the stomach, we need an ordinary, one and a half to two liters, and not forty liters through two tubes, which impose us various salons and offices, they only wash the microflora. The enema cleanses the intestines, removes the toxins, which means that the body itself begins to lose the volume of the stomach, removing the fat and water protection that is now unnecessary to the digestive, liver, and spleen organs. I did enemas in a day and only two weeks, losing constantly both in weight and in the volume of the abdomen. The composition of the enema – one and a half liters of water, a dessert spoon of salt. Seeking to clean the abdomen with an enema, I lost 6 kilograms for 14 days in weight, 10 centimeters in the stomach volume. For the first stage is just fine, I believe. As I did, I described it in detail here. Well, those who for some reason can not use this method, can drink salty water – this is a longer process, but if you are not in a hurry, why not – about this here …

Remove belly and sport


To clean the stomach, you need to play sports. And even not so much to remove the stomach, and to bring the muscle tone to raise the tone of the stretched skin and make it contract. Our skin is not rubber, and if you clean your belly by my method, that is quickly, it just does not have time to fit in the form, which means it is very likely that without sports exercises, the skin will remain tight and striped, which is absolutely ugly. Therefore, the fierce debate, with which the comments to this article are full between fitness and cleansing fans, I consider inexpedient – everything is needed, both. If you want to practice at fitness centers, I advise everything related to water – aqua aerobics or swimming. At home, there are two exercises that hit the stomach accurately at the target. They are known to everyone – these are exercises on the press and hoop. Torsion of the hoop warms the waist muscles, dramatically increases blood circulation and, accordingly, metabolism in muscles and in the skin. In addition, the hoop will allow you to stretch and prepare the abdominal muscles for a fairly heavy exercise on the press – that’s the way to remove the belly with a hoop, see who is interested.

There are no secrets in the exercises for the press, I put my feet under the couch and spent about fifteen minutes a day on the press. Women, remember to remove the stomach and maintain skin tone, do not have to climb high, as men do, there’s no point, forty-five degrees from the floor is enough, the pace and the number of repetitions is important here. Die, and do fifty repetitions for one approach. So you give the skin the necessary load. If the muscles are strong and fifty are small, do one hundred, it is important that the last 15-20 repetitions are done through strength. Have made, rise and again twist a hoop, and so three repetitions. Or, use abdominal exercises that the journal offers.

To make exercises more useful and long-awaited result, I advise you to use the fitness belt. The belt creates a greenhouse effect on the skin, so the heat that is produced during physical exertion is preserved and the warming effect is enhanced. And this means that weight loss in the abdomen will go faster. In addition, the fitness belt will give you another bonus – pull up and make the skin elastic in the abdomen.

Remove the stomach and diet


The question is whether a diet is needed in order to clean the stomach – like a double-edged sword. Here, as my husband says, when he admires his press in the mirror (sorry, dear))) – the question of drawing. Cleansing will remove your volumes, exercises will make your stomach beautiful, but if it has a layer of fat, no muscle beauty will be visible. So the question is – do you want it? If you want to conquer all the smooth and clearly outlined abdominal muscles, then without proper nutrition can not do. If it does not bother you especially, then you do not need to lose time either. Who wants, he needs a diet rich in fiber – I made a special material about nutrition for those who want to not just clean the stomach, but make it exemplary. The article is called “Excellent diet for a flat stomach” – I recommend it, tried on myself. Or choose any diet for weight loss, because all people are different, who likes what.

How else can I quickly remove my stomach?

Are there any more effective ways that will allow you to remove the stomach in the shortest time – surely yes. This is, first of all, baths, wraps and massage. They all contribute to the destruction of fat in the abdomen, contributing to a beautiful waist and figure. By the way, these techniques can be used for any part of the body where you need weight loss, and thanks to this versatility can bring you even greater benefits. That’s what I advise you to read about this …


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