Slimming baths for slimming


Soda baths for weight loss are used in both home and sanatoriums – today we will tell you how to use dietary soda for weight loss, give prescriptions for soda baths for weight loss and advise how to combine baths with soda to achieve the greatest effect of losing weight.

How do soda slimming baths work?

It turns out that the most common baking soda can help a person lose weight if he uses it in soda baths. Soda baths for weight loss are known for a long time, and their healing properties repeatedly found confirmation in the reviews of doctors and nutritionists. It was found that soda, especially in combination with salt and some essential oils, promotes a very sharp surge of metabolic processes in the body, not only during the bath with soda for weight loss, but also during the following hours. Thus, soda baths for weight loss not only lead to fat burning, but also to powerful purification from slags and toxins. That is, you strike a double blow on extra pounds. And while the baking soda used in slimming baths does not cause any serious allergic reactions in a healthy person, it is fair to consider soda baths as one of the most effective means to help you lose weight at home.

Soda bath for weight loss – recipe


Despite the fact that the Internet offers a variety of recipes for soda baths for weight loss, it’s hardly worth trying them all, because, in fact, the recipe for a bath with soda is one, and everything else is often fiction, not confirmed by any reviews. So, for the preparation of a soda bath for weight loss, you need to add 300 grams of ordinary baking soda and 500 grams of sea salt to a filled bath. The most comfortable water temperature, which will allow you to take a bath during the specified period, is 36-39 degrees, that is, you should not be cold or hot. However, baking baking soda and salt can be in a higher temperature, and then let the bath cool to the right degree and only then begin the process of losing weight. Take a bath with soda to lose weight in a day for 20-25 minutes, only 10 procedures. After taking a bath you only need to get wet with a towel and preferably lie under a warm blanket 1-2 hours or, alternatively, take a bath with soda to lose weight before going to bed. We also recommend alternating this method with other baths for weight loss, then the process of losing weight will go even faster.

Baths for weight loss with soda and essential oils

It is often possible to find information that essential oils are added to soda baths for weight loss. It should be noted that this method is also used for baths with soda, but not so much for weight loss, as for improving the quality of the skin and getting rid of cellulite, that is, these soda baths have a slightly different orientation. If you have such a problem, you can change course slightly and use different baths every other day, one day clean with soda and salt, the second with oils. Do not worry, you will lose weight in both cases. Moreover, the soda bath for weight loss will noticeably tighten the skin, make it soft, velvety, relieve inflammation and soothe. Best, says, helps to lose weight of citrus oil – lemon, sweet orange, grapefruit and bergamot – add ten drops just before taking a bath for weight loss.


How else can you lose weight with soda?

Soda baths are not the only way to get rid of extra pounds. You can also take it inside – with the help of a soda drink the body is cleansed of toxins and visceral fat, which is often the cause of a large stomach. How to drink soda for weight loss, we dedicated a separate article, which details about all the nuances of this process. Look, if interested.


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