Unloading days for weight loss


If you are looking for an easy way to lose those extra pounds, then holding a fasting day once a week is for you! The most important thing is to choose exactly the version of the unloading day that suits you.

Apple fasting day

Pros of the apple day of unloading. The British claim: eating an apple every day, you can save on a doctor. Imagine what savings from the whole “apple” day! And all because in the apples are many stimulants of metabolism – vitamins C, B1, B2, P, E, carotene, potassium, iron, organic acids, as well as fiber, which cleanses the body.

Disadvantages of apple day of unloading. In diseases of the digestive tract, apples can cause exacerbation. This is especially true of problems with high acidity of the stomach, in which categorically contraindicated acid varieties of apples.

Menu on the apple day off. You will need 1.5 kg of fresh or baked apples, divided into 5-6 receptions. One third of them is better to eat in a liver form: with this treatment, more pectin is formed in apples – one of the best adsorbents. Still experts advise to drink 5 cups of apple juice or compote without sugar.

Kefir unloading day


Pros of a kefir day of unloading. The unloading day on kefir is transferred quite easily, in addition, you can see how you carry mono-diets in case you decide to hold them. In addition, kefir suppresses the processes of putrefaction in the intestine, promotes the elimination of the final products of metabolism. It activates digestion, relieves feelings of heaviness in the stomach, improves complexion and relieves allergy. Kefir is almost completely absorbed by the body for an hour.

Disadvantages of yogurt day. There is a category of people who do not tolerate dairy products. For them, holding a kefir day can result in a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, as well as excessive gassing.

Menu on a day off. You will need 1.5 l of skimmed yogurt (curdled milk, acidophilus), which need to be divided into 5-6 portions. It is very important to choose the “right” kefir. Do not drink today’s kefir (the date of manufacture, see the packaging), as in the first day after manufacturing, it increases gas formation and can provoke diarrhea. Drink the same, standing in the refrigerator for more than 3 days, promotes constipation.

Unloading day with yoghurt

Pros of a yoghurt fasting day. The unloading day on yogurt has the same mass of positive qualities as kefir, but it is, of course, more delicious. This makes yoghurt unloading day one of the hits among similar methods of losing weight. Of course, yogurt should be chosen natural, with a short shelf life and a low fat content, but this is absolutely not a problem, today in any store a wide selection of good yoghurts.

Disadvantages of yogurt unloading day. Like kefir, this product can have individual problems with digestion. But if you buy a good natural yogurt, without any flavor enhancers and other additives, this question will be removed by itself.

Menu on a day off. If you want to spend a day of unloading on this product, buy 3 cups of yogurt and 2 green apples. For breakfast, lunch and dinner you will have yogurt, and in breaks you can eat apples. Thus, you will receive from a day of unloading not only losing weight, but also very pleasant taste emotions.

Cottage cheese-free day

On a diet

The advantages of a day of cheese. Judging by the reviews that come to us at the editorial office, a cottage cheese-free day is one of the most popular slimming in the world. A large amount of protein, first, eliminates the feeling of hunger, and secondly, fat is burned, and not muscle mass. But remember – to use during the unloading day completely fat-free product can not be, as it breaks the metabolism, the best fat content on a fasting day is 1.5-1.8%.

Disadvantages of the cottage cheese day are the same as in the case with kefir – poor tolerance of dairy products, especially for women after 35 years. It is better for them to spend their day of unloading on grain cottage cheese or to supplement it with fruits / dried fruits.

Menu on a day off. 400 grams of cottage cheese, divide into 5 parts, about 80 grams. Each, and use it every 2-3 hours, along with a quarter of an apple. Half an hour before meals, you need to drink 2 glasses of clean water, so that the body is actively cleared.

Meat relieving day

Pluses of meat day of unloading. Such a fasting day refers to the category of “well-fed”, so there is no feeling of hunger, and the effect is the same. Improves metabolism, increases the activity of enzymes that destroy fat. In addition, it is a good opportunity to replenish supplies of protein and iron, which are especially well absorbed from meat in the absence of carbohydrates. Meat unloading day should be carried out by those who eventually want to switch to such diets as the protein or Kremlin diet – they are basically based on meat.

Cons Meat unloading day. “Meat” unloading day is contraindicated for people with kidney diseases. Also it is necessary to choose with care the “meat” menu of a fasting day for those who have problems with the liver and with the vessels.

Menu on a day off. You will need 400 g of low-fat boiled beef or chicken breast (without salt). Divide the meat into 5 equal portions and eat during the day with a side dish: cucumbers, tomatoes or white cabbage (100 grams).

Buckwheat or rice unloading day


Pluses of a fasting day. Buckwheat provides full nutrition and a huge amount of trace elements. See the details in the material buckwheat diet, learn a lot of new things. A combination of yogurt with buckwheat porridge – a real brush for the intestines, which carefully and at the same time effectively relieve stagnant products of metabolism, which will significantly improve peristalsis. Rice will also excrete excess water from the body, purify the lymphatic system, and rid the toxins.

Disadvantages of a fasting day. With such a menu, they are almost nonexistent. The only thing, those who have a problem of constipation, it is better to give preference to the buckwheat, rather than the rice menu.

Menu on a day off. 1 cup of buckwheat zaleyte overnight 2 cups of boiling water, wrap and leave until the morning (salt, spices and fat do not need to add!). Also prepare a liter of 1% kefir. Buckwheat should be eaten in three meals, washed down with kefir.

Rice unloading day. A glass of rice pour a glass of boiling water and cook a minute, drain the water and cook rice in 2 glasses of water until cooked. Eat three meals.


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