Egg Diet


          Egg diet is recommended by specialists for those who want to lose weight and maintain health through diets – recent studies of nutritionists have confirmed the usefulness of eggs for weight loss.

Why did the egg diet, which existed long enough, suddenly found such popularity? The fact is that around the egg diet there was a lot of controversy – in particular, there were different opinions about the use of yolk in the diet, he needed or not needed. Recent research has shown that the egg diet is most useful for weight loss just when both protein and yolk interact as links in a single product. It is then that the eggs on which the egg diet is based give the body the entire storehouse of useful microelements, vitamins and amino acids necessary for normal life.

How is losing weight on the egg diet.

Egg diet for weight loss is good because the digestion of eggs in a diet is a very energy-intensive process for the body. Thus, for a long time you feel full. Plus, as the dietitians say, all the products included in the diet of the egg diet are digested completely, which is extremely important for the process of losing weight and feeling good. In addition, reports, due to the long digestion of proteins, the egg diet allows you to forget about the constant feeling of hunger, which often follows us when dieting, and the person on the egg diet feels comfortable enough. Look at the menu of the egg diet – how do you like it?

Menu of the egg diet for 3 days

Breakfast – 2 egg whites, orange, green tea without sugar
Lunch – 2 egg whites, vegetable salad with vegetable oil (preferably cabbage or beets), apple
Dinner – 200 gr. Boiled or baked fish, greens, whole grapefruit or 2 slices of pineapple

Breakfast – 2 egg whites, orange, green tea without sugar
Lunch – salad with sea kale with 2 egg whites, apple
Dinner – boiled shrimp (200 g), grapefruit

Breakfast – 2 egg whites, orange, green tea without sugar
Lunch – salad of fresh vegetables in vegetable oil, 2 egg whites
Dinner – chicken breast (200 g), apple

Egg Diet – How to Cook Eggs

To ensure that the egg diet manifests itself in all its glory, it is necessary to extract from eggs the maximum benefit, but, judging by the responses of women, many of them improperly prepare eggs for the egg diet. This is very important – eggs for the egg diet should be cooked soft-boiled – so they are better digested plus preserve useful substances and vitamins. For this, you do not need to have culinary skills, just dip the eggs into boiling water and cook for about 5 minutes. Ready-made eggs should be cooled and they are ready for the egg diet.

What other foods can you eat on an egg diet.


          Best of all, judging by the reviews, non-starchy vegetables are combined with the egg diet, which includes all kinds of lettuce, different varieties of cabbage (except for color), tomatoes, cucumbers, various greens, zucchini, green beans, bell peppers and onions. Egg diet allows you to make salads from these vegetables, stew them and bake. Thanks to such a combination of products, the digestion and assimilation of proteins will go much faster. Moreover, stewed or baked vegetables can be used even as a separate dish, for example, for lunch or dinner, it will not be a violation of the diet.

Separate attention in the egg diet deserve citrus (grapefruits, oranges, to a lesser extent, tangerines and limes). These fruits are rich in fiber, which is in the stomach, contributes to a long sense of satiety and increases fat burning. So, if you have breakfast with grapefruit or orange with 1 or 2 eggs, then you start the metabolic processes in your body, which during the day will only increase.


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