Feng Shui against excess weight.


Feng Shui believes that the excess weight of a person can appear only when there is a lot of extra in his life – excess weight, superfluous thoughts, superfluous objects of environment, unnecessary “movements in life”, which deprive a person of strength, time, By yourself.

What kind of methods and systems of weight loss is not invented by mankind. The fight against overeating, with excess weight is led by doctors, nutritionists, fitness instructors, drug manufacturers, psychologists, magicians. Even the church declared gluttony a terrible sin, and what? And nothing – statistics indicate that humanity continues to eat more and more and more plump, and at a record pace. From this it follows that the classical methods of losing weight no longer bring the desired result, and people will have to look for new ways to solve the problem of excess weight.

And what if we do not look to the West with its vibrating belts and medicines to burn fat, but to the East, to China, where a full person is considered seriously ill, and others look at him with pity? So, the famous Chinese system of feng shui uses a totally different, “non-medicative” approach to the problem of excess weight. Feng Shui believes that any person can get rid of excess weight if he really wants it and makes some efforts. Full people, in general, only want, and efforts let the horse apply, she has more strength. After three days on yogurt, their life is not sweet. It is in the absence of forces, the ability to tune in to weight loss, the inability to organize and manage their time and nutrition, feng shui sees the main problem of excess weight. By Feng Shui, the excess weight of a person can appear only when there is a lot of extra in his life – excess weight, superfluous thoughts, superfluous objects of environment, unnecessary “movements in life”, they deprive the person of strength, time, By yourself. According to this system, to lose weight, you do not need to look for a diet for weight loss, but, first of all, get rid of all unnecessary, and this will be the first big step towards beauty and harmony.

         Where to start … The first step to a slim figure, according to masters of Feng Shui, should not be a diet for weight loss or fitness, and getting rid of the house of unnecessary things.


           In this case, things that you and your family do not use for more than six months are considered unnecessary. These are toys from which your children have already grown. These are magazines that have long been read and lie somewhere in the closet with a measuring pile. These are books that no one will ever read. These are old envelopes, postcards, medicines, utensils, empty boxes and much more, you will not enumerate everything.

For us, the concept of feng shui as “fat closet” is especially interesting. In Russia, the disease of “fatty cabinets” is everywhere. As psychologists note, this is a consequence of the socialist past, when it was simply impossible to buy a decent thing, everything was stored, altered, inherited and thrown out only when it turned into rags. As a result, the cabinets of the majority of Russians are packed to the brink of some junk, it’s no coincidence that the phrase “the closet is full, but there’s nothing to dress”.

For such a cabinet you need your own prescriptions for diets, and the recipes are very specific and very tough, with nothing to do with food. Experts of feng shui here are categorical – all junk in the trash. Why, for example, you store old sweaters or dresses that have long been out of fashion and you will never wear them. Oh, do you protect them in case you go to nature? Just remember what was the last time you went out of town. Surely neither an old dress nor a sweater in your output collection was included.

         So, start small. Which number means small? No, not a zero. The smallest in our case is one. And if you decide to lose weight, get rid of unnecessary thoughts and kilos, every day throw one old thing.

Of course, it’s not easy – to throw out a thing that you once liked very much, maybe you have good memories connected with it. Maybe you are waiting for the fashion to change and the thing will become relevant again? These are all excuses, you just look for the reason to do nothing. But you need to do this or … surrender. Hoping that men ostensibly prefer full women. I also saw such a man. Once in a lifetime.

If it’s hard for you to start with old dresses, start with another one, for example, collect old magazines or old books, take them to the nearest library. Double positive – you will start working on yourself, and books will find a new reader. Just do not include salad recipes and similar books about tasty and healthy food – they will be useful to you.

And most importantly – remember that all our thoughts are material, and after old things old thoughts should go that it is difficult to lose weight, that there is no time for the gym, that it’s hard to diet on a diet, that men love full and so on. You can lose weight, and thousands of women around you have done this, regaining their beauty, sexual attractiveness and joy of life. Now you know where to start …



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