How to lose weight with food film


Losing weight with food film – see how food film helps women lose weight and remove cellulite.

Losing weight with the help of food film is a method, which in its lightness causes great interest in the fair sex. In addition, food film is also interesting in that, helping to lose weight, successfully fights with another evil enemy of beauty – cellulite. The maximum benefit for your figure at a minimum of costs – is not it all women who care about their appearance dream about it ?! How can I not pay close attention to it … Let’s see how this simple technology works …

           How to lose weight with food film – the essence of the method

Understand how it is losing weight with the help of food film, it’s easy – it’s a wrap, where the food film creates conditions like “greenhouse” that stimulates a powerful circulation of blood in problem areas and promotes the opening of sweat glands. As a result, the process of removing the liquid is accelerated, which leads to the cleansing of the body and a decrease in the volumes of those parts of the body that are subjected to wrapping. That is, the food film helps to lose weight, imitating the effect of the sauna, you will agree, in another way at home to do something similar is almost impossible.

To lose weight and eliminate cellulite was correct, first the skin in the places where you will wrap it with food film, it is necessary to clean. Usually, a scrub is used for this, which processes the places where you need to lose weight, or the whole body, if the effect is carried out entirely. Then on these places it is desirable to apply a composition that enhances sweating and, as a consequence, losing weight – the recipes of these compounds you can find in the wrapping material for weight loss. Then wrap the area with food film (the movement always goes from the bottom up), trying to ensure a tight fit, but without unpleasant sensations. The film for weight loss can be applied in several layers, and on top of it put on warm clothes or just lie under the blanket.

How to lose weight with food film

1. Now directly about how your weight loss occurs under the food film. The first action is to steam the skin. This is best done in the bath, but if it does not, take a warm bath or a hot shower, take a washcloth and within 5 minutes of a place for weight loss, which will wrap up with a film, strongly rub. As we have already said, you get a thermo-effect, due to which you lose a lot of liquid, and the metabolism in the body is greatly enhanced.

2. Apply to the skin the formula for weight loss. On what composition you used, it will depend on how much time you can keep on your own tape. If it is a compound for total weight loss, the process can last for 30-40 minutes. If you have used, for example, anti-cellulite creams or mixtures that can burn the skin, the terms can be reduced to a quarter of an hour. In order to make your choice, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with two materials below, where the technique of using the film is described in more detail both for those who want to lose weight and for those who strive to remove cellulite, as well as recipes for wrapping compositions.


3. Take food film and, starting from the bottom up, tightly wrap the slimming zone 2-3 layers of film. As we write in the reviews, it makes no sense to wrap yourself up whole, it’s better to work on the body parts, for example, today’s legs, tomorrow’s belly and so on. This will give the body the tone itself, too, to deal with weight loss.

4. An important point that should be considered by everyone who uses dietary films for weight loss – monitor the time and during the procedure, watch your health, as active sweating is not easy for everyone to tolerate. In case if during a home wrapping film you feel bad, you should immediately remove the film, no matter how great your desire to lose weight. If you feel good, after 30-40 minutes, remove the film, and rinse the remaining mixture with water. Skin the skin with a toning cream or anti-cellulite cosmetic.

Repeat wrapping food film recommended every other day, a total of ten times. Such courses are recommended 3-4 times a year.

Food film for weight loss – contraindications

Despite its undeniable advantages, reminds that slimming with the help of food film has side effects, as a result of which this type of procedures is not recommended for people with high blood pressure, thyroid dysfunction and varicosity, pregnant women and people suffering from gynecological and cardiovascular Diseases. Please consult with your doctor if you are shown a similar procedure plan.


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