Products with a negative calorie content


            Acquisition of harmony is the dream of many women, especially since today the number of full-length representatives of the fair sex all over the world is simply off scale. To achieve this goal, they try a variety of methods, but to get a guaranteed result, you should choose a really effective one. One of these ways of losing weight is the inclusion in the daily menu of so-called products with a negative caloric content. Let’s get acquainted with this concept closer.

What are products with a negative calorie content

You will be disappointed, but there are no treats that have energy value with a minus sign. However, there is no even a product with zero calorie content. However, this does not mean that the concept we are considering is an absolute myth, as you will now see for yourself.
When we absorb food, it begins its active processing in the stomach, and afterwards – in the intestine. Under the influence of enzymes there is a splitting of complex organic and mineral structures into smaller and simple ones. Of course, this multifaceted process proceeds with the allocation of a large amount of energy. But, first of all, the implementation of these chemical reactions themselves requires the energy that the body derives from its own resources – including burning its own fats and carbohydrates. In case of shortage of heat, the “fuel” entering the internal environment of the body is stored in reserve in the most problematic areas, such as the abdominal cavity, buttocks, thighs. Well, if, on the contrary, there is an excess of energy necessary for metabolism, and this volume is much higher than the caloric value of delicacies we eat for both cheeks, an effect is achieved that millions of women dream of: one can eat and still not get fat. So we came to the essence of the concept of negative calorie content of food – this is the difference between the energy value of food and the amount of energy needed for the digestion and assimilation of nutrient raw materials by the body, which has a minus or zero value. Products of this category contain, as a rule, no more than 30 kcal per 100 g of food and many coarse dietary fiber.

Vegetable products with a negative calorie content

The palm of primacy among delicacies, whose energy value does not reach the values ​​of energy required for their digestion, are, without doubt, products of plant origin. This is mainly due to the presence in the food of a sufficient amount of fiber.
Any greens.


          Dill, parsley, celery, coriander, mint, lemon balm, basil and other similar products will help you lose weight. In addition to low energy value and a decent content of insoluble dietary fiber of green, the presence of a mass of biologically active substances, including antioxidants, triggering the process of fat splitting is inherent.
Vegetables. To products with a negative caloric content include tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, almost all edible representatives of the Cabbage family, zucchini, artichokes, asparagus. Here we should mention the leafy vegetables of dark green color – spinach, lettuce, chard, arugula, cabbage, sorrel. Roots of carrots, beets, turnips, rutabaga, radish – from the same series.

Berries and fruit. Be sure to include in your diet northern berries: cranberries, blueberries, blueberries, cloudberries, dogwood, cowberries. Slenderness will help you to purchase popular strawberries, strawberries, different currant varieties, gooseberries, blackberries. Do not ignore such delicacies as pomegranate seeds, citrus (especially grapefruit, pamelo, lemon, lime), pineapple, apples, stone fruits (plum, apricots, peaches), dried fruits (prunes, dried apricots, apricots).
Melon plants. Negative caloric content is characteristic of a pumpkin – including, due to the presence of fiber and pectin. This includes melon and watermelon, which contain a lot of moisture.
In dishes from dietary meat, vegetables, fish, add spices. The desired properties are ground coriander, cinnamon, ginger root, chopped thyme (thyme), oregano (oregano), a mixture of Provencal herbs. Spicy condiments and herbal products, such as mustard, chili, garlic and onions, also contribute to weight loss.
Drink as much as possible green tea, mineral not aerated and ordinary dining room, but purified water. The latter, by the way, has the most zero energy value.

Animal products with a negative calorie content

Among the delicacies, which have animal origin and negative values ​​of energy value, are quite common foods. It is egg white, dietary meats (veal, lean beef, chicken fillet). Negative caloric content has fish: river varieties and marine with a low fat content. More precisely, they are cod, flounder, pike, perch, bream. Seafood also falls into this category.
You will not get a bit better and long for the feeling of hunger if you regularly eat mushroom foods. Only the mushrooms should not be fried, so as not to increase their calorie content, and stew, cook, put as an additive to baked in the oven dishes.

The nuances of the introduction of foods with a negative caloric content in the diet

If we talk about the rules of cooking with the negative energy value, then sprinkle it with chopped herbs as possible, enter into the composition of the oil, cold pressed or freshly squeezed lemon juice.
You can not eat only foods that are characterized by negligible calorie content. This can lead to an imbalance in the body of losing weight of useful compounds. Because combine such products with fermented milk delicacies having a low fat content: yogurt, cheeses, sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese.

woman with fruits rejecting junk food           Eat up to 0.5 kg of vegetables and fruits daily. In other words, the amount of these vegetable delicacies with a negative caloric content should be approximately 35% of your diet.
Do not expose low-calorie food to excessive, aggressive heat treatment. It is preferable to eat vegetable food fresh or cooked for a couple – in both cases the body will get the maximum amount of useful nutrients incorporated in the delicacies by nature.

         Do not combine products with negative calorie content with those whose energy value, on the contrary, is too high. In your menu should not be present fatty sauces, alcohol, baked pastry, smoked products. Do not add sugar to salads from berries and fruits.
Supplement the diet with two very useful products: “sea cabbage” and stevia, which is a substitute for sugar. Laminaria, by the way, also refers to the types of food with a negative calorie: the number of kilocalories in it is equal to 24. In addition, it will provide your body with a microelement of iodine, fiber and a number of vitamins. Stevia, on the other hand, does not provoke a set of excess kilos in contrast to sugar and will be an excellent addition to products with a negative caloric content in the same fruit salads, for example.



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