Water diet

woman with healthy food

Water diet – talking about how to drink water properly to lose weight.

The theory that with the help of water alone can lose weight, that a water diet can quickly solve problems with excess weight, very like our women. Indeed, unlike strict diets, the water diet does not provide for serious restrictions in food, in fact, everything you need to lose weight, so it’s only to drink a day the required amount of water. Honestly, this idea aroused in me a lot of doubt – if everything was so easy, we would lose weight only on the water and the water diet would long ago become the method of losing weight number one in the world. But one thing is theory, the other is practice, so I decided to check everything on myself.

Water diet – the basic rules

So, to find out what the water diet looks like, how to drink water properly to lose weight – this was the first point of my task. It turned out that to determine what amount of water you need to drink per day, your weight should be divided by 20. So, where is the calculator. The final figure for me is 3.25. That is, personally, I at a weight of 65 kilograms to lose weight, should drink more than three liters of water a day. We go further and find out when to drink water for weight loss. Here, judging by the reviews on the net, the water diet had the greatest effect when people drank half a liter of water half an hour before eating. That is, if you have breakfast, lunch and dinner, then for 30 minutes before each you need to drink two glasses of water. It turns out one and a half liters. The rest is evenly distributed throughout the day. Well, everything is clear here. In conclusion, we find out that the water should be at room temperature, and the usual drinking, carbonated and mineral water does not suit the water diet, because intensive use of the first leads to dehydration of the body, and the second – stimulates the appetite.

Water diet – my 7 days

Water diet, 1 day. Immediately I note that here is so immediately drink extra 3 liters of water a day is very difficult. The organism needs to adapt to the water diet, otherwise there is a heavy load on our filters – the kidneys and the urinary system. I think you need to start with a liter and a half, that is, two glasses before the meal and that’s it. The next day, add a couple more glasses and so gradually to reach its norm. I got it in 3 days.

Water diet, 2 day. I come to the conclusion that it is right to drink water to lose weight, you need either very long, or something to strengthen this water diet. Say, the limitations in nutrition. This is easy enough, because the water drunk before eating, already fills the stomach and eat a lot not just what you do not want, but just hard. I decide to eat a couple of apples or a salad for dinner – once a water diet clears the body of any byaka, it will help her even more.

Water diet, 3 day. It seems to me that only today my internal system has earned on a relatively full power. The number of approaches to glasses of water was approximately equal to the number of trips to the toilet. At the same time, I say that I drink water to lose weight, you can not, the scales are still standing. What a morning that evening.

Water diet, 4 day. I decided that it’s wrong to drink water and not lose weight. Therefore, together with the water diet, I arrange a day off for myself. I eat apples and look at the world with a smile. In the evening I get up on the scales – o-pa, minus kilogram. Already the result.

Water diet, 5 day. Due to the fact that, in addition to experimenting with myself, the editorial staff also makes me work, I had to drive around the city all day. One and a half liters of water with a bag, shoulder, frankly, delayed well. Lunch, to be honest, generally missed, drank a cup of tea and ate a tiny chocolate bar. There was a problem that the water was asking outside, and the restrooms were not always there. This should be taken into account for those women who will use the water diet, while having an appropriate work schedule. Libra shows that she has dropped another half a kilo.

Water diet, 6 day. Saturday. I catch myself thinking that I want to lose weight, but I do not have water to drink. Instead of water it would be better to juice, for modern juices all are full of sugar, and this will destroy the entire system. The output was found in honey – I place honey in my mouth a little and slowly drink water, it is sweet and pleasant. By the way, the appetite after the honey drink has completely disappeared, so ate again quite a bit, for weight loss, probably, good. At the same time I have a swimming pool – that’s where the water is. Interestingly, the fact that I swallowed there, you can put in the asset of water diet or not. Before going to bed climbed on the scales – a small minus, just a week (or rather, the last three days) of the order of two kilograms.

Water diet – my conclusions


          7 day, Sunday. In the morning I woke up with a sore head and decided that I would not drink water to lose weight, I will not – my water diet came to its finale. She made herself a cup of coffee and realized that life is beautiful. But the report is a report – here I sit and poke my fingers in the keyboard, I write for you my impressions of the water diet, how to drink water properly to lose weight. The conclusions are simple – not everything is as simple as it looks at first glance. Strongly lose weight on a water diet, I think, is unlikely to succeed, but the way is good because it is very simple and even primitive, drink your own water. Moreover, in combination with some other diet, I’m sure water will work wonderful, as it relieves hunger and helps the body to cleanse. Therefore, use the water diet as an additional argument against excess weight, combining with a low-calorie diet or active physical exercises, and you will have a slim figure.


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